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Books with Rejoice

I love love love to read. I hope you do too.

Books has always been a part of our lives .It remains constant through different stages of life….infancy…..adulthood……old age.Johannes Gutenberg invented the Book.Leonardo da Vinci’s “Codex Leicester,” also known as the “Codex Hammer,” is the most expensive book ever sold.

Story structure encourages our brains to think in sequence, expanding our attention spans and since stories have a beginning, middle, and end, and that’s a good thing for your brain. … The more you read, the more your brain is able to adapt to this line of thinking

  • Boredom
    We all have those days when nothing seems to interest us ….┬áBoredom is a common feeling. Feeling unsatisfied by an activity, or uninterested in it, can lead to boredom. Boredom may occur when you feel energetic but have nowhere to direct your energy. It may also occur when you have difficulty focusing on a task.ThereContinue reading “Boredom”